Stop Stealing Cows From Other Communities: Gachagua to Kalenjin Youth

Kenya Kwanza presidential running mate Rigathi Gachagua has sparked reactions on social media after his remarks on Kalenjin youths went viral.

Speaking during a rally in Njoro on Friday, Gachagua appealed to the Kalenjin youths who engage in cattle rustling to stop the vice.

“Vijana wetu wa hapa wa jamii yetu ya Kalenjin ambao kazi yao ni kuiba ng’ombe na mifugo, tumeomba watu wawachane na mifugo ya wenyewe kila mtu achunge ng’ombe yake,” Gachagua said.

“Vijana wetu hapa wa jamii ya Kalenjin, mambo ya  ya wizi wa ngómbe ya jamii zingine tuwachane nayo. Tuheshimiane na kila mtu akule mali yake”

This loosely translates to: “Our youths from the Kalenjin community, who are fond of stealing cattle, we ask you to stop the vice and let everyone guard his livestock. Our Kalenjinn youths, let us stop the vice of stealing cows from other communities. Let us respect each other and allow everyone to enjoy their wealth”.

The remarks have elicited a massive debate on social media with Kenyans drawing mixed reactions out of them.

While a section of Kenyans accused Gachagua of profiling members of the Kalenji community, others came to his defence saying he was giving fatherly advice.

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