EXPLOSIVE EXPOSE! How Corrupt Govt Officials Sold Omanyala’s Visa

Africa’s fastest man Ferdinand Omanyala will miss the World Athletic Championship in Oregon, United States over a Visa glitch.

Omanyala, who was due to run in his favourite 100m race on Friday night is still in Nairobi after failing to secure a United States visa.

Evening News can now confidently report the behind-the-scenes drama which led to Africa’s fastest man missing the Championship.

According to sources, corrupt Ministry of Sports Officials are solely to blame for hitch that is developing into a full-blown scandal.

We are reliably informed that the American embassy declined to issue extra visas after it emerged that a list given by the Ministry of Sports had exceeded the 80 approved by Athletics Kenya (AK).

Instead, the ministry forwarded a list of 112, including 32 individuals not known to the athletics body.

Cunning officials, our source confided, decided to send the list in batches in an attempt to conceal the identity of the 32 “mysterious” members of the entourage.

A high-placed source revealed that some ministry officials assigned to follow up on the visas issue colluded with some individuals to have them included as part of Kenya’s entourage.

Sources said the 32 individuals paid as much as Sh2 million each for their names to be included in the list, meaning that the ministry officials raked in a cool Sh64 million from the irregular deal.

And just like that, Omanyala will miss the biggest Athletics Bonanza because his visa was auctioned for Ksh 2 million.

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